Go Money Privacy-Policy

Welcome to GoMonay.Co.Za (we’ll call it the “Company”).

To use the Go Money website (we’ll call it the “Service”) or lender connection service (also the “Service”), you have to say okay to this Privacy Policy and also the Go Money Terms & Conditions.

This Privacy Policy is like an agreement between the people who use the Service (that’s you) and the Company. It decides how the Company can use the information it gets from you and how it keeps your personal information safe.

This Privacy Policy is here to tell you about what rights and duties come with the collection, use, and sharing of your information and personal data.

If you use this website, it means you read this Privacy Policy, you get what it’s saying, and you agree to all the things it talks about. Every time you visit GoMonay.Co.Za, you’re saying yes to the rules of the Company written in both this Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions.

Privacy Disclaimer and Privacy Law

We take keeping your secrets safe very seriously. This Privacy Statement is like a promise about what we will do with your Personal Information.

We will handle your Personal Information following the rules in the laws of South Africa and its provinces, our Privacy Policy (which might change sometimes), and this Privacy Statement and Consent.

We’re allowed to collect, use, and share Personal Information under the privacy rules in South Africa and its provinces, but only if you say it’s okay. We also have to write down some of your Personal Information because other laws, like the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 2001 (Act 38 of 2001), say we have to, just in case we need it later.

What Information Do We Collect?

We might collect and use the following information about you:

  • Information you provide us by filling out an application on our website (like www.GoMoney.co.za), especially when you’re asking for a loan or other things;
  • Information about your money from your physical or online bank statements;
  • Details about the loans you ask for on our website, and how your loan account is doing;
  • Facts about your credit history, finance, and who you are from other people who know these things;
  • If you contact us, we might use what you say and keep it on record.

Sometimes, we might also ask you to answer surveys for research, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

We might also collect details about your computer, like where it’s from, the system it uses, and what browser you’re using. We do this to run the website and share overall information with our advertisers. This information is like browsing actions and patterns and doesn’t show who a specific person is.

Why We Collect and Use Your Information

We collect your information to:

  • Look at your request for a loan
  • Figure out if you’re creditworthiness
  • Check if there’s a risk you might not pay us back
  • Manage risks, like checking for fraud and making sure people who owe us pay up
  • If lenders say yes to your request, give you a loan, and decide the rules for it
  • Do what we promised and make sure you do too, according to our deals
  • Know what you need and offer a better service, which might mean asking about what you like
  • Keep records of things like your loan and our talks
  • Make our products and services better and tell you if something changes
  • Let you join in interactive features of our service offers
  • Follow the rules and laws we have to.

If you don’t share your personal details with us, we might not be able to do things like decide on your loan and check if it’s safe to provide you loan.

Exchange of Personal Details with Lenders or Third Parties

The company might share the info it got from you through this service in these cases:

  • If you violate the company’s privacy rules or terms & conditions
  • When the law or legal stuff like a subpoena says the company has to
  • If a court or government asks for it
  • If the company is sold or goes bankrupt
  • To make the service better
  • When the company thinks it’s needed to protect itself or others
  • To fix tech, security, or fraud problems, even by telling trusted others to prevent fraud.

When you give your information to the company, you say it’s okay for them, their friends, and others to call, text, or email you about deals or info. Even if your info is on a “Do-Not-Contact” list, you still say it’s okay. You also agree that you won’t complain to certain agencies about these contacts.

You also understand and say it’s okay for the company to share your info with friends and others if the law says it’s okay.


The company’s website uses Cookies to make your time online better.

Cookies are like tiny bits of info sent to your computer when you visit a website. They help the company’s website recognize your browser and remember your preferences.

Don’t worry, Cookies won’t tell the company personal details about you. And if you want, you can turn them off. Just know that if you do that, some cool things on the company’s website might not work.

Also, the lenders and other websites the company connects to might use Cookies too. But remember, this privacy policy and the company’s rules don’t cover those lenders and websites and how they use Cookies.

Other Important Matters

(a) Rules, Responsibility, and Disagreements:

When you sign up for GoMoney products or services, there are some important rules you need to know. These rules are in agreement, like when you apply, register, order, or use the GoMoney service. They talk about important things, like saying GoMoney and other people are not responsible for certain things. The rules also say which laws apply and where you can solve problems if there’s a disagreement.

These rules are really important and work the same way as if they were written here. Nothing in this Privacy Policy changes these rules from the other agreements you agreed to.

(b) Updates to This Policy:

Sometimes, GoMoney might make changes to this Privacy Policy. You can see the new version on our website. Your info will be handled as per the rules in the version of this Privacy Policy that’s in effect. If you keep using GoMoney after a change, it means you agree with the new rules. So, it’s good to check for updates.

(c) Describe in English:

Both you and GoMoney want all these privacy rules and terms and conditions in English.

(d) Definition:

In this Privacy Policy, “GoMoney” includes all the corporate affiliates and lenders (lending organizations).

(e) Contacting GoMoney’s Privacy Officer:

If you have questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or how GoMoney uses your info, you can contact to GoMoney’s Privacy Officer by sending mail or email to: [email protected].