Payday Loans in South Africa

Money difficulties are stressful mentally and physically both. And you don’t want to wait long when you need urgent cash. That’s why Payday Loans South Africa is an option to get a same-day payout to you. When traditional lenders don’t approve you, this online loan is able to provide short-term fund services to you.

Online Payday Loans in South Africa – Facts You Need To Know

  • You can get a payday loan approval in only 15 minutes without documents
  • Repayment schedule usually follows a 2-week period or payday
  • You pay a flat fee instead of interest rates
  • Loans are quickly transferred online 24/7 all across South Africa
  • Lender ask no questions, any individual can apply to take care of any financial problem
  • Bad credit is not be a hindrance in getting urgent cash loans
  • Open 7 days a week and on holidays, online payday loans are always available
  • All direct lenders are not same; applicants have many options for their suitability.

What is payday loans online South Africa?

When you need instant cash, an online payday loan in South Africa is helpful. Payday loans are short-term and high-interest small-amount loans. These loans are specially designed to provide you with the urgent money you need now. It is typically approved the same day you apply, and due on your next paycheck.

How instant payday loans works to get you immediate payout?

Online payday loans work differently compared to other personal and other consumer loans in South Africa.

Payday Lenders Needs

To get a payday loan, you have to provide that you have a regular income, a bank account, and a permanent address.

Money Receiving

If a lender is ready to give you the loan, the money will either be transferred into your bank account, provided to you as cash, or sometimes credited on a prepaid card.

Automatic Withdrawal Agreement Required

Before they “approve” you for cash advance, online payday lenders ask you to fill out their forms. This form lets them take the whole loan amount from your bank account, or you might need to give them a post-dated cheque for when the loan is due.

For all these reasons, before you sign on payday loan offer agreement, ensure you understand everything terms, privacy, and loan costs (fees or interest rates).

Reasons why you should apply for a Payday Loan?

Here are good reasons why people take out payday loans in South Africa:

Immediate money payout for an emergency

Online payday loans can be a good way of borrowing urgent cash into your account for an emergency. It can help you get instant cash loan, if you borrow only what you need and repay it fast.

Enjoy the comfort of online application

Most direct payday lenders operate online applications, that allow 24/7 access to their services. When you face unexpected expenses, you can conveniently apply urgent cash loan even without documents.

Face no restrictions

In bank loans, you need to explain how you are going to use your amount, but online payday loans do not require you to do so. Any applicant can use it for immediate payout, debt consolidation, good vacation, more bank balance, car or truck repair, paying bills or whatever you want.

Receive protection from fee and interest rate caps

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) limits the amount of interest lenders can charge in South Africa. If a borrower repays their loan on time, the cap on charges and fees protects you.

Protects against high interest rates and fees

This short-term cash loan helps you not miss a monthly payment which results in paying more interest fees and charges than a payday loan. Things like credit card cash advances attract high interest rates. This online small loan can save you from paying extra fees and high charges.

It is not affected by low credit score

For people with bad credit, payday loans with no credit check can be one option for financing. Most payday lenders welcome all blacklisted as well as under-debt reviews people.

Apply Now

How can you apply for payday loan in South Africa online?

Once you organize all the details needed for an online application, you can start applying for a loan.

  • Apply online: At GoMoney, click the “Apply Now” button for the online loan application.
  • Fill out the form: fill out the form with personal and financial information and any other needed details.
  • Wait for verification: After submitting your application, we transfer it to many direct lenders in South Africa to verify the application details for the loan.
  • Wait for approval: With us, there is more than a 97% chance that you can get approval of your application within 5 minutes. It will not take more than 1 hour to respond to your loan request even in special cases like bad credit score or unemployment.
  • Receive the funds: After a successful review and approval. Instant loans deposit into your bank account within 15 minutes.

Do payday lenders do credit checks?

Online payday loans are legal in all 9 provinces of South Africa. Still, they are different and unique lending from traditional bank loans. Any applicant may qualify for payday loans without a credit check.

Payday lenders run “Soft credit check” which does not leave any “footprint” or bad impact on your report. These loans have a flat fee instead of interest, even if you fail to repay, it does not lower your credit score.

Are there risks associated with payday lenders?

No doubt payday loans online are fast and easy but you may face some potential risks. However, it is a small money loan but if you don’t have an immediate repayment plan could lead to unmanageable debt.

Disadvantages of Payday Loans

  • Expensive due to high interest rates and fees.
  • Often considered predatory lending
  • Failing to repay leads to a cycle of debt
  • Loan rollover or renewal offers charge extra fees

Are there any alternatives for no credit check payday loans?

While most payday loans provide you with fast money in an emergency (even with a bad credit score), but costs are big. 7 payday loan alternatives that don’t require a credit check:

  • 1️⃣ Set aside emergency money in your savings account to use for urgent expenses.
  • 2️⃣ Credit card cash advances with low-interest rates and fees for emergencies.
  • 3️⃣ Less expensive traditional unsecured loan but requires good credit.
  • 4️⃣ Work additional hours to earn extra money, if monthly expenditures exceed income.
  • 5️⃣ Consolidation loans to pay off other overdue debts.
  • 6️⃣ Talk to your payroll manager about salary advances that need no credit check.
  • 7️⃣ Peer-to-peer lending enables you to borrow from another person instead of an institution.

Why choose GoMoney® for your payday loans online in South Africa?

There are several benefits to doing business with GoMoney® for your online payday loan:

  • 100% Online
  • Instant cash loan
  • Customizable to suit your needs
  • Wish to help you
  • Transparency
  • No credit check needed
  • Entire South Africa served
  • Easily achievable

Fast and simple application

No more waiting your turn in line! Our quick online loan application hardly takes 2 minutes to complete at your comfort, no matter day or night.

No documents required

We’re faxless and paperless! No need to fax documents or print out bank statements. Our lender’s AI-based technology automatically evaluates your information.


When you work with us, there is nothing that is hidden from you except our emotions. We connected with responsible lenders who are licensed and committed to transparent lending practices.

No Credit Check Required

With us, if you have bad credit, you don’t have to worry about even getting a loan for emergency expenses. Our most payday lenders do not conduct credit check processes even for urgent cash loans.

Guaranteed instant decision, 24/7

Our application process is completely automated. After you submit the form with the required information, you receive instant payday loan decisions from many online direct lenders.

FAQs – Urgent Payday Loans Without Documents

What do I need to get an instant payday loan?

To qualify a quick loan, you must have:

  • Minimum 18 year age
  • ZA government-issued photo ID
  • Blank personal cheque and/or pre-authorized debit form
  • An active bank account with online access
  • Valid address, phone number and email address
  • Total net income of at least R800 (employed, pension, benefits, insurance, part-time job, house rent, etc.)

Can I get same day loans for immediate payout?

Yes, it is possible. Online payday lenders are the fastest way to get an emergency loan. To get a same-day payout loan you need a bank account to deposit funds via direct deposit.

If I am unemployed, can I still get urgent payday loans?

Online payday loans are fast and convenient, and accept a variety of incomes other than employment. You can apply loans for the unemployed people in South Africa with steady income from pensions, grants, benefits, etc.

Do I need collateral for payday loans, if I have a bad credit?

No, you don’t need to give collateral, payday loans are a type of unsecured lending. However, you have to provide a post-dated personal cheque or electronic access to your bank to don’t miss the repayment.

How long I have to wait after payday loans approval, if I need emergency money?

If you get approved for an online payday loan, you can get the money the same day you apply. With these loans, many people qualify for emergency loans even if they are pensioners or pensioners, have low credit scores, or are under debt review.

How can I get an online loan when no bank has approved me?

No matter if a bank has rejected your loan request; you can still apply for loans online. Payday lenders can approve you urgent cash loans in South Africa, even if you are blacklisted.

Is there any guarantee I can get a payday loan without a credit check?

When you need quick money with no hard credit check? Online payday loans are the easiest and most convenient way. Payday lenders require only their repayment satisfaction to offer instant decision loans.

I don’t have a fax machine, how can I provide proof for online payday loans?

You don’t need a fax machine to get approval cash loan in 1 hour. To get online loans at GoMoney, all you need to do is submit our simple and hassle-free application without documents.

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