Easy Payday Loans Online

Are you short of urgent cash in bank account? Do you need help with some emergency money? Don’t have time to find and review the best cash advance for you across South Africa? Do you feel embarrassed to go to a lending store to apply a payday loan?

Easy Payday Loans Online offers a viable solution to overcome all your short term financial hurdles.

What is an easy payday loan?

An easy payday loan can offer instant cash without documents and no credit check. It is a small, short-term online loan that provides a lifeline to Africans who need immediate money assistance until the next payday, hence called a ‘payday cash advance’.

Unlike banks, with online payday lenders your application does not get rejected due to “debt review” and “unemployment”. You simply submit an online application and within 1 hour you get a loan up to RZA1500.

Benefits of Easy Payday Loans Online Direct Lender in South Africa

Payday loans are like a savior when you are in a short term financial emergency. These online loans are fast, easy, and convenient, you do not need to go to any lender’s office and wait for approval. There are many other advantages of Easy Payday Loans as well, which are as follows:

Few Requirements, Simple Application, Without Documents

The online application makes it easy to avail of payday loans while sitting on your couch. Its simple requirements are fast verifiable and consistent, no collateral is required.

Quick Loans Online

After providing all the necessary information to the payday lender, your application can be approved on the same day. Also, if you need a small amount, the loan will be sent to you within 15 minutes. Get online loans 24/7, even on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and bank holidays.

Urgent Cash With No Credit Check

Payday lenders don’t care even if you’re struggling with bad credit! If you can repay on time, you are welcome to apply for 1-hour loans with no credit check in South Africa.

Easy Loans Online is fast and flexible! If cash advance needs arise in mid-month and a payday loan online without credit check instant approval is required, please visit our website GoMoney.co.za.

What are the requirements for an individual in South Africa to apply for easy loans online?

To See If You Qualify For Easy Loans From Online Payday Lenders, You Need To Answer “Yes” To The Following Questions:

Q. Are you 18 years old or older?

Q. Do you have a 13-digit, bar-coded identity document (ID)

Q. Do you have a job or receive a Pension, self-employed people, social assistance, or disability grant?

Q. If employed, have you been for more than 2 months with your current employer?

Q. Do you have an active bank account with an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) facility? (Provide your recipient’s bank name, bank account number, routing number, and account type)

Q. Is your income deposited into your bank account? (For information on income frequency and net gross)

Q. Is your monthly income over RZA800 per month?

Q. Do you have an active phone number, email address, and home address that we can reach you in need?

If you answered YES to all the common asked questions above – there is a 98% chance you may qualify*.

How to Get Easy Loans Online in South Africa from GoMoney?

Applying for online payday loans in South Africa is easy. You need to follow these steps, but there may be some slight variations depending on the loan and lender:

  • Complete the simple online application: Fill out personal and financial details like your contact information, bank, and employment details. Choose how much money you need to cover your expenses.
  • Quick lender decision: Wait for instant cash loans approval for 5 minutes. The lender will let you know whether or not it is able to proceed with your application.
  • Verification without documents and No credit check: Verify your identity and income with the lender by sending your documents or via instant bank verification.
  • Receive short-term cash loans: After reviewing your contract sign when you’re ready. The amount will be electronically transferred to your account within 15 minutes*(depending on your bank).
  • Easy repayment: To avoid falling under debt review, repay by Automatic Direct Debit.

Quick Tips to Immediate Payout

  • Fill out the loan application without any errors. Wrong information can lead to approval delay or request rejection.
  • Provide accurate and active contact information. Keep your communication lines open, it helps an easier and faster approval process.
  • Plan your loan application not during weekends or holidays. Your bank may shut down or delay the fund process these days.

What short-term things can be paid for with an easy payday loan in South Africa?

No one is immune from such situations; there are urgent expenses and no money to pay. Things happen always, such as car breakdowns, unreimbursed medical, and credit card or utility bills, when we don’t expect short-term emergencies.

Some of the common reasons people apply online easy payday loans in South Africa include

  • Paying overdue bills
  • Bank balance support
  • Fund last-minute home or vehicle (car or truck) repairs
  • Buy essential items like baby formula or groceries
  • pay uninsured medical expenses

FAQs – Easy Payday Loans Online Direct Lender

How can I get immediate payout?

Payday lender needs to verify your application details before presenting you a loan offer. Luckily, our online application takes just 2-4 minutes to complete. If you’re approved for instant cash loans, you can receive an immediate payout.

Can I get an Easy Loan in 1 hour without documents?

Usually, online lenders do not ask you to submit paper documents. If you have filled in all the details in the application form, then you can get approval for 1 hour payday loan with no credit check in South Africa.

How much can I borrow with easy payday loans online?

You can borrow up to RZA1,500 guaranteed. Your first-time instant cash loan amount will be determined after same-day approval.

Does GoMoney charge any fees before the lender transfers the loan?

We don’t charge any fees from you to get same-day approval for easy loans. When you receive instant payday loans online, we obtain a small commission from direct lenders.

If I am blacklisted, do I have to give a credit check for online payday loans?

No, most online lenders don’t conduct any credit check to make their decisions. Payday lenders at GoMoney allow you to achieve Easy Loans by relying on your current financial situation, not your credit history.

How can I apply for an Online Easy Loan with bad credit?

Applying for easy payday loans for bad credit people with online lenders is simple. Payday lenders just confirm your details and repayment ability to approve you for instant cash loans.

Are guaranteed approval no credit check loans safe in South Africa?

Yes – provided that you deal with a legitimate payday lender. Unfortunately, predatory lenders may target financially vulnerable and ignorant people with promises of easy payday loans with no credit checks. Do your research to ensure that any online lender you deal with has a license to offer loans in South Africa.


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